Thanks to our methodology and audit approach, oriented to effectiveness and efficiency, we guarantee our customers a high quality service in performing:

  • Ordinary statutory audit of individual and consolidated financial statements;
  • Limited statutory examination;
  • Audit of particular operations (constitution, capital increase, capital reduction, liquidation, transfer of office, merger);
  • Agreed upon procedures;
  • Expert opinions;
  • Investigations.

WHY IS AUDIT RELEVANT? In addition to the legal obligation to submit its financial statement to the annual audit, a company must respect the increased and complex corporate standards and know how to protect itself from errors and fraud. Thanks to the audit procedures and suggestions provided by the auditors, the company can continually improve its internal processes and control systems. All for the benefit of the company itself and its shareholders, directors, employees, customers, suppliers and authorities; in summary the entire economic environment in which the company operates. Thanks to the audit, the annual financial statements can become a promotional tool for the corporate image. The burden of the audit turns into a real investment.