Corporate advisory

We are committed to overcome our customers' expectations in providing the following services:

  • company & business valuations;
  • due diligence;
  • business plan;
  • budget;
  • financial plans;
  • support in developing business strategies;
  • support in corporate reorganization;
  • support in managing complex projects;
  • accounting advisory according to national and international standards;
  • advisory for financial institutes (implementation of new legal requirements, drafting of internal regulations, support for FINMA's authorization request);
  • temporary staff replacement (due to absences, upcoming deadlines, new implementations, special projects).

WHY IS ADVISORY RELEVANT? The economic dynamics of the last few years have changed market rules, requiring companies to respond quickly to changes, manage innovation, focusing on reducing time-to-market and managing management costs without modifying the efficiency and the corporate organization.
In such a frantic context, it becomes essential for companies to focus on their core business and rely on a business advisory service that can provide support and concrete timely solutions. In an increased competitive and complex market context, the business consulting is increasingly demanded and increasingly a critical success factor.