Governance, Risk & Compliance

We offer the following services with the aim of providing a good support to executives, members of board of directors and shareholders:

  • internal audit in outsourcing;
  • compliance in outsourcing;
  • support in the field of risk control;
  • assessment of Corporate Governance;
  • evaluation of the Internal Control System;
  • assessment of the risk of fraud;
  • internal control body for municipalities;
  • support in the self-assessment of the board of directors;
  • appointment as board of directors member.

WHY IS A GOOD GOVERNANCE RELEVANT? Governance is the global set of attitudes that promote a good management and an effective company control.
Improving Governance processes in the company means preparing it to address the most relevant and critical issues it may face: market crises; leadership changes, including succession; other significant changes such as expansion, market and external changes, technological innovation, internationalization, etcetera.
A good company governance starts from the assumption of establishing a framework of business attitudes and processes that add value to the business activities and ensure continuity and long-term success.